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Form 1

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Jumpa kamu di kelas pengenalan 2011 nanti!

Chap 1: Introduction to Science
Focus on rules and regulations in lab,lab apparatus
-focus especially on rules regarding to health and safety such as acid,fire,explosives...etc
-they may ask you about hw to use apparatus pipette or burette(Refer to my intensive class notes)

Chap 2: Cell As a Basic Unit of Life
Focus on the difference between animal and plant cell,functions of cell label
-usage of microscopes and its labelling
-learn the functions of nucleus,vacuole,cell membrane,cell wall,chloroplast and cytoplasm
-Finally they may ask you about types of human cells(Refer to my intensive class notes)

Chap 3: Matter
Focus on characteristic of solid,liquid and gas i.e arrangement of particles ,movement and physical features in solid ,liquid and gas
-Just read up about volume,density(you must know the formula how to calculate)-archimedes principle of buoyancy-ability to float-remember this two examples submarines and hot air ballons(Refer to my intensive class notes)

Chap 4: The Variety of Resources on Earth
Focus what is ELEMENT,COMPOUND & MIXTURE (Refer to my intensive class notes)
-What is physical method(separating compound) , chemical method(separating mixture)

Chap 5: The Air Around Us
Focus on how to TEST O2,Co2 gasses and their characteristics
-read up about air pollution and their sources...sulphur dioxides/nitrogen dioxides(cause acid rain),CFC,pesticides,carbon monoxide,thining of oxone layer(Refer to my intensive class notes)
-focus also on how the authorities made Malaysia a clean air environment and safe for breathing

Chap 6: Sources of Energy
Definition of each type of energy
-You must know the difference between renewable and non renewable sources of energy..focus on sun,biomass and geothermal....(wind/wave or tidal/water dam comeout in exam already-but just read-up)(Refer to my intensive class notes)
-difference between land and sea breeze
-important to conserve energy

Chap 7: Heat
How conduction occurs,raidiation occurs and convention....they might give you a scenario to think about it
-what heat can do to solid,liquid and gas(Refer to my intensive class notes)

note: refer to my classes notes.......intensive class CONCEPT MAP!!!!

Good luck to all of you! Chaiyok ! Chaiyok ! Chaiyok !

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