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Form 3

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Jumpa kamu di kelas pengenalan 2011 nanti!

Chap 1: Respiratory System
Focus on labelling of the human respiratory tract from nostrils till aveolous(rujuk nota kelas cikgu),process on inhaling(5 types of things i teach you),diseases causing lungs(Refer to my notes)
-they may ask you about hazards of smoking or campaign done by the authorities to combat smoking habbits in Malaysia-tak nak campaign?

Chap 2:Blood Circulatory and transport system
Focus on labelling on human heart,blood flow in and out of the heart,systemic and pulmonary circulation(Refer to my notes esp. the colouring i ask you to do)

Chap 3: Excretion
Focus on the labelling on human kidney,functions of kidney,BLOOD FLOW in and out of kidney

Chap 4: Reproduction
Focus everything ok!!!!! cikgu tahu kamu ini amat pandai topik ini he....he...he....

Chap 5: Growth
Focus on the GRAPH(Refer to my notes) between male and female on height and mass

Chap 6: Land and its Resources
Focus on the equation of how to produce metal oxide(Refer to my notes),metal sulphide(Refer to my notes) and metal carbonate(Refer to my notes),all about Calcium Carbonates and silicon(Refer to my notes)
-Finally they may ask you about the usage of Calcium(Refer to my notes) -just refer my notes will do...ok

Chap 7: Electricity
Just read up what i thought u since i started this chapter esp. difference between series and parallel circuit interms of current,voltage and resistance,dont forget how to test north/south in magnet,the right hand grip rule,drawing the mangnetic field,factors increasing the electromagetic power(Refer to my notes)

Chap 8:Generation of Electricity
Focus on the type of generators i jst thought u,formula for transformers(turn ratios) and finally calculation on electricity bill and these formulaes:
i)Power = energy/times
ii)Current= Power/voltage
iii)To calculate price of electric bills: use this formula
First you total up the energy used/given in the question
A. Energy=kWh e.g: 1.2kW x 3 hours x 30 days = 108 kWh
(Refer to my notes esp. the calculation i did with you)
Secondly you multiply what you get in A to the energy cost
B. Cost of energy consumptions= 108kWh x RM 0.20 = RM 21.60

Chap 9 Stars and Galaxies
This is an important topi they'll ask yearly.First you target the layer of the sun i.e begins with Corona,Chromosphere,photosphere..Then you understand others like Solar flares,solar wind,black spots/sun spots.
-Then you must remember 4 atoms of hydrogen fused to form 1 atom of helium that explode on the surface of the sun and this is called NUCLEAR FUSSION not fission(Refer to my notes)
-finally the death of a star the size of the sun/bigger than the sun becomming a neutron star/black hole(Refer to my notes)

Chap 10: Space Explorations
This chapter is important if you focuses on two aspect i.e the technology in space exploration and its benefits...(Refer to my notes) as for the history of space exploration(Refer to my notes) look at the pink highlight of important dates and its events taken place in that year i asked you to colour.....
-you should also know the difference between space probes,satelites,rockets ,space shuttles and space stations

note: refer to my classes notes.......intensive class CONCEPT MAP!!!!

Good luck to all of you! Chaiyok ! Chaiyok ! Chaiyok !

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